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UAE tufted carpet industry extremely rapid development momentum


According to the report of the Emirates Industrial Bank, the UAE tufted carpet industry in the last decade the rapid development, there is still great potential for development and broad prospects, will become the important part of the A industrialization and diversified economy.

UAE began a decade ago, the tufted carpet production. , A carpet of Health plant in Ajman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with its output accounting for 15% of A's share of the domestic market. The addition has made great progress in the domestic market since 2000, its products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Western countries, Malaysia has become the main importing countries of the UAE carpet and other important importing countries, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, India and Iran. The UAE has become the world's major producers of tufted carpet.

Local and Middle Eastern carpets, huge market potential, market demand will further expand with the deepening of the reconstruction of Iraq. A domestic market for all types of carpet annual demand of 26,000 tons. Carpet of synthetic material, half of the total demand, the majority of tufted carpet. While traditional hand-woven carpets and wool carpets a lot of demand, but still lower than the tufted carpet. Tufted carpet with synthetic fiber as raw material, according to its quality, design and material sources, price range, per square yard, usually between 12-100 dirhams. On the re-export trade, the same is the proportion of tufted carpets, then a handmade carpets.

With the development of the A petrochemical industry, the wealth of raw materials to make the A tufted carpet is quite competitive, and the A carpet industry is expected to continue its rapid development by virtue of their competitive advantage.

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