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Visual effects unique new warp


Silver hairiness yarn is a special color yarn, crochet machine on raw materials, to do with the 111 dtex nylon filament the compilation chain organization, formed the core yarn hairiness of yarn, with silver for the weft yarns folder into the compilation chain organization weaving is completed the weft insertion silver along longitudinal cut, silver on the free end was the plume of hair, the silver hairiness of yarn, nylon filament core yarn and chain organizations. compilation, feel softer, and have a certain flexibility consistent with knitting conditions, there are shiny appearance, a small amount to be woven into the fabric, adding to the dazzling brilliance, played a role in the finishing touch to the canvas.

The chenille yarn its fullness plush, soft feel and comfortable tactile known. Strong three-dimensional decorative effect, spun polyester, acrylic, viscose, silk, chenille yarn available a variety of raw materials, of two or more fibers can also be used very thick yarn and woven into fabric made, in order to produce color effects in the dyeing process, or at the same time reduce costs. This paper introduces a new product uses viscose fiber spun chenille yarn, one of the reasons is woven into the fabric with good drape and feel, the second reason is because the hairiness of yarn and silver woven into the fabric dyeing, high temperature silver on the silver hairiness of yarn will be removed, the dyeing temperature must not exceed 100 ° C, viscose dyed to achieve this performance requirements.

The bottom of the raw materials must meet three conditions to guarantee braided normal strength, medium thickness, can grip the Chenille and silver hairiness of yarn, three staining does not affect the performance of other raw materials. The most commonly used raw materials for 167dtex DTY, in line with the above-mentioned first and second, but not in line with Article polyester require high temperature dyeing, while silver hairiness yarn silver will lose more than 100 ℃, the impact fabric style selection 155dtex polyamide high stretch yarn, which can meet the above three conditions, and product flexibility is better, feel softer, higher grade.

Hairiness yarn, chenille yarn and silver coarse ordinary rough machine No. raschel machine production of the more common pattern different, the style is very much the same. The missing pressure warp tissue has special structure and appearance, style is crude machine No. raschel machine can not reach warp knitting machine selected domestic Z303 crochet.

Domestic Z303 warp knitting machine off as ordinary Te Like warp knitting machine, in terms of yield, quality they can not be compared with the groove needle warp knitting machine. But it uses crochet, can be used to produce the missing pressure warp knitting organization was transformed, and the ordinary slot needle warp knitting machine can not do. The Z303 type warp knitting machine machine No. 32 pin / 30 mm, platen speed of 450 to 500 r / min, use of raw materials as polyester or nylon filament fineness of 44 ~ 222dtex can not weave Sydney Seoul yarn. To this end, the machine number changed to 16-pin / 30mm flat platen converted into a flower platen with a bump, and both the original pressure needle closed, but also sliding left and right movement of the platen, to adapt to spend type needs. Addition of the warp knitting machine of the original tension lever compensating apparatus has been unable to meet the need to be changed to the elastic tension means, each warp yarn is threaded into an elastic tension means, to compensate for the change in tension.

Another point to note in the production in the weaving process, chenille yarn, some short fiber will fall down, the plot more prone to clogging between the sinker, resulting drain pin and other defects. Therefore, need regular cleaning, the other raw materials thicker weft insertion, easily interfere with the bottom comb correct pad yarn, knitting elements in debugging, weft insertion comb pin deeper suitably large distance between the two bars more.

The selected the warp lack of pressure jacquard organizations, product patterns is very characteristic, bottom fabric with a high elastic nylon wire braided, the plush like Sydney line and flash silver lining weft organization, although can be organized gripping, but still protrude above the surface of the cloth, resulting in a strong sense of hierarchy. In addition, the three ingredients for dyeing properties of different raw materials, silver hairiness yarn not color, to maintain its shiny black, after all the high-end fashion fabrics, favored by consumers.

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