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United States: the display of fiber made avant-garde product carpet catch thieves


Fabric of ordinary people, however clothes, carpets and other raw materials, but cutting-edge technology has given extraordinary significance for the seemingly ordinary fabric - it can be implanted in heart disease, the human body, wrapped in a fragile heart and help it to transportblood; it can be used as a sandwich of warm clothing, after several batteries fitted can bring warmth; woven into a braided carbon fiber looks and inconspicuous, and one day they may be made ??of a durable cylinder valve, applied to all carthe engine; fiber is made bicycle frame or rowing slippery pulp; tiny fibers can even substitute for steel and concrete support from a skyscraper.
A U.S. Design Museum recently exhibited 150 avant-garde products manufactured from special fibers, this exhibition called "super fabric. "The carbon fiber also has wider application space," in charge of the exhibition, an expert pointed out.

Clothes grab thieves play music carpet

The most common uses of fabric to make clothes and carpets, new fabric for clothing and carpets will become smarter. Some new fabric made ??of smart clothes and smart carpet perhaps shortly after launch. Germany, an integrated circuit manufacturer introduces new ski suit, it can download and play MP3 music, so skiers do not have to carry a music player. The company designs, smart carpets have a variety of functions: entry mat can record thieves shoe print on the door, you can display the temperature of the fire and the carpet shop in front of the fireplace.

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