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New green rabbit fur fiber becoming popular


With the rapid development of science and technology, and the continuously improved quality of life, people have been increasingly seeking upscale, comfort, and environmentally friendly clothing with health care functions. In recent years, the research and development of environmentally friendly/functional textiles has been in rapid development at home and abroad. Many experts predict that the environmentally friendly/functional textile products injected with technological elements will occupy an increasingly large proportion in people's lives. Its development momentum is immeasurable. The development of textile products is expected to display a major breakthrough in the early 21st century. A research report released by China Taiwan Textile Federation indicates that by the year of 2005, Asia will replace North America and Western Europe to become the world's largest consumer market of high-tech textiles. In the short term, the growth rate of consumption of the high-tech textile products in Asia will be three times faster than that of ordinary clothing fabrics.
The natural colored cotton cultivated by using modern bio-engineering technologies is featured by far-infrared, anti-static, anti-itching, and other functions, which is the real green fiber among the “second skins” of human beings. China now has an annual output of 6,000 tons of the products, and the planting has entered the mature phase. Experts predict that in the next 30 years, such specifications of colored cotton yarn as CJ18.2, CJ27.8 CJ14.5 CJ9.7tex and so on will have been has developed; the varieties of colored cotton fabric having been successfully developed include hemp silk, oxford, twill, squares, corduroy, canvas, satin, jacquard and so on, which are very suitable for women, infants, young children and the elderly. The underwear and T-shirts made of colored yarn are highly welcome by the market, with an annual increase rate of around 20%. A set of colored cotton underwear is sold at 200 yuan at Beijing Friendship Store. The blended fabric developed in Guangxi which combines colored cotton and other fibers, or other newly developed products such as the blended fabric of colored cotton and spandex are also quite unique. Jiangsu Kunshan AB Group has developed the blended fabric of colored cotton and apocynum which is featured by breathability, moisture absorption, and antibacterial functions, in addition to other functions such as facilitating the decrease of blood pressure and relieving asthma. Colored cotton can also be made into towels, bath towels and bedding products, with great potential of development. recently, color long-staple cotton has been successfully developed in Hainan, with the length of 30 to 35 mm, the fineness of 2.7 to 3.5 kerma hole values and the strength of 25CN/TEX. The products are soft and elastic, which has created good conditions for developing high-count yarn and high-end products. Northwestern Agricultural University has researched and developed 15 series of colored cotton in nearly 45 colors including brown, green, and blue. In addition, the sixth generation of keratin transgenic cotton jointly developed by Shanghai Shihua Plant Biotechnology Co., Ltd. under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Taicang Cotton Stock Seed Farm is one of the national 863 research projects.

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