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Changshu Kaixin Carpet Co., Ltd. is located at Yushan High-tech Industrial Park at the foot of Yushan and by the Wangyu River. The park is connected to No. 204 National Road in the south and adjacent to the Changshu North exit of Yanjiang Highway in the north. Wangyu River runs across the park which enjoys very convenient transportation.
At present, the company has four loop pile carpet machines, which can produce 1/10 and 1/8 square circles, 1/8 jacquard, and 8 +4 pile jacquard. The door widths are 3.30m, 3.66m, and 4.00m. In addition, it also has two high pile chenille carpet looms, and one post-processing back gum line.
Raw materials: polypropylene BCF, dyeable polypropylene BCF, nylon BCF, polypropylene and nylon twisted yarns, blended wool yarn, cotton yarn, PTT, and all kinds of special yarns.
The company offers a full range of products from high, medium to low ranks, which are suitable for hotels, guest houses, office buildings, homes, etc. The products can also be further processed into square carpets, doormats and other products.
Chenille carpet loom specializes in producing polyester and nylon microfiber chenille fabrics. This kind of fabrics is soft, antistatic, highly absorbent, with the water absorption being up to five times its own weight. The fabric is suitable for making all kinds of cleaning supplies, such as, cleaning gloves, cleaning sponge block, mop and other products.
In addition, the company also produces all kinds of polyester and nylon chenille carpets and full-polyester chenille carpets.
The Company has a solid technical force and strong product development capabilities, with assured product quality and strong competitiveness.
The Company welcomes buyers to discuss business with us in various ways.